About therapy

‘…compassionate and curious, accepting and non-judgemental.’

Ruth Tudor is a Psychotherapist MA offering compassionate, skillful and intelligent therapy for healing, growth and change. Ruth works with individuals, couples and groups, and facilitates workshops at her farm in Monmouthshire and throughout the UK. She is UKCP accredited.

Also see www.thepracticeofthewild.com for information on Ruth and her work.

Training and specialisms: 

Ruth trained for seven years to become a psychotherapist, developing the capacity to engage at depth with a wide range of issues including addiction, grief, loneliness, trauma, ill health, abandonment, discontent, depression, apathy. She has additional and special trainings in body therapy, sexual being, trauma, anxiety, boarding school survivor trauma, equine assisted psychotherapy and coaching, including for change and leadership.

What therapy can bring:

Although it is often a ‘crisis’ that brings us into therapy, Ruth believes that the therapeutic relationship should also enable us to live more authentically and more freely with a greater capacity for choice and a deeper sense of ourselves within the world. Many of us are restricted in our choices and our ways of being by habitual patterns which we developed in order to survive. Awareness of those patterns – which show up in relationship with another and in our body and mind processes – can be very powerful in leading to change. Therapy is not only for those who are suffering or struggling but also for those who wish to optimise their sense of self and their relationships, including with the world around them.

Ruth does not see therapy as merely about the individual and their childhood and family of origin but strongly believes in the need to engage with the interaction between a person and their social, political and cultural world. Individual change and growth is also about social change and growth. Mental ill health can be both caused and supported by wider phenomena including inequality, climate change and climate injustice, social exclusion and so on. Conversely wellbeing can be supported by community, connection, belonging, equality.

How Ruth can support you through therapy:

Ruth is passionate about supporting individuals to become the person they are meant to be and is essentially optimistic about human nature. At the same time she recognises and is moved by the struggle that many of us have to come into being, to self care, to belong, to love, to forgive, to be joyful, to grow and change and is both sufficiently skilled, experienced and willing to intimately know and work with the very darkest emotions and experiences. Her stance is compassionate and curious, accepting and non-judgemental.

Ruth is committed to a collaborative approach where therapist and client reflect together on ‘how we are doing’. She is wary of seeing the therapist as necessarily the ‘expert’ and also of therapy which prolongs the therapeutic relationship if it is not in the interests of the client. At the same time, she seeks to respond to the needs of the client; knowing that each relationship is unique. Some clients need a more interventionist approach with the therapist taking the lead while others need a more spacious relationship.

She herself has been in therapy and found it hugely helpful.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of having therapy with Ruth please contact her by clicking here.


  • Sessions typically last one hour and take place weekly.
  • The first session is free and afterwards cost £40 per session.
  • Equine assisted therapy sessions often last longer and range from 90 minutes to two hours.
  • All contact, conversations and meetings with Ruth are fully confidential.
  • Ruth also facilitates workshops with other professionals on a range of themes. For more information click here.
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